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Article in Plain Dealer says E. Cleveland Judge does have jurisdiction about trial for 137 shots…

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4 activists chained themselves together and sat down in the middle of the intersection of E. 9th and…

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4 activists chained themselves together and blocked traffic to call attention to the need for…

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4 activists chained themselves together and blocked traffic at 9th & Euclid during rush hour.

SummaryofTribunal 7-15-15.pdf

Summary of the Findings of the PTPB, which was sent in a packet to International Human Rights…

Benefit Concert Flyer.pdf

Flyer featuring Mississippi Charles Bevel in Benefit Concert for the People's Tribunal on Police…

Sermon Sept 2014- The New Jim Crow- Daniel Budd.pdf

Sermon delivered by Rev. Daniel Budd as part of the build-up to the October Month of Resistance

9- 19 Local Letter to Clergy.pdf

Letter to local clergy to encourage participation in the October Month of Resistance

Rev. McCorry's Letter to Clergy.pdf

Letter sent to Faith Leaders around the country from Rev. Jerome McCorry of the Stop Mass…

PTS Litany of Mass Incarceration Suggestions for Oct 14.pdf

A proposed Litany on Mass Incarceration offered by Stop Mass Incarceration Network to clergy around…

By Courtney Astolfi.pdf on-line article, included video trailer of People's Tribunal on Police Brutality,…

MOV03C Jameela.mp4 Jameela doing a powerful piece of spoken word

Copy of MOV038.mp4 Alice doing a powerful piece


Front page articles in Cleveland Plain Dealer


Arthur Blakey II
August 19, 2016 · Edited ·
The Story of Kiana Nicole

”“No more…

Share your story and materials....pdf

Publicity Flyer for April 8 Launch Event for PAPVC

upright archivingpoliceviolence_original_7d6df7c6182e855c31d5efd969a44ac7.pdf

Article on Protest through Downtown Cleveland in the Cleveland Plain Dealer

2015-11-13  cpd.pdf

Article on Justice for Tamir Rice in Cleveland Plain Dealer

2015-10-25 cpd.pdf

article in Cleveland Plain Dealer on lack of Justice in Tamir Rice case

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