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Chart Used by Puncture the Silence


flyer inviting people to come to action and meeting

PTS Litany of Mass Incarceration Suggestions for Oct 14.pdf

A proposed Litany on Mass Incarceration offered by Stop Mass Incarceration Network to clergy around…

Rev. McCorry's Letter to Clergy.pdf

Letter sent to Faith Leaders around the country from Rev. Jerome McCorry of the Stop Mass…

Larchmere Porchfest.JPG

photo of first PTS action, puncturing the silence with facts during the Larchmere Porchfest

photo 1.JPG

puncturing the silence with facts during Larchmere Porchfest


First PTS action, puncturing the silence with facts at Larchmere Porchfest


The first Puncture the Silence -Stop Mass Incarceration logo.

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Film-showing--Broken on all sides 001.jpg

flyer publicizing PTS film-showing at First UU church


List of resources from west coast ally

For Immediate Release--Eric Garner Protest.pdf

SMIN calls for protesting the murder of Eric Garner and a month of October, 2014 Resistance

list of events-aug-sept.--2014.pdf

PTS often had to list events that might be of interest in order to stay on top of things

Sociologists Take Historic Stand on Racism and Police Brutality.pdf

Article/Open Letter about Historical Stand of Sociologists around Police Murder


Portion of an article used by Puncture the Silence

Regie Gibson-When They Speak of our Time....pdf

Delivered at a National Unitarian Conference

Free Stamp Silence 2014-8-14 001.jpg

flyer calling people to a rally at the Free Stamp next to City Hall to remember those killed by…


Flyer calling people to meeting and demonstration

Big props to the people of Ferguson.pdf

SMIN Statement in Solidarity with Rebellion in Ferguson, MO