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Use of Force Incidents 9_9_20 thru 2_2_21.pdf

Several Garfield Heights Police Incident Reports, September 9, 2020 through Feb 2, 2021

Policy 300 - Use of Force.pdf

Newly adopted Garfield Heights Police Use of Force Policy, dated November 10, 2020

Incident 201789 25940508.pdf

South Euclid Police Incident Report November 2, 2020

Incident 201308 39669753.pdf

South Euclid Police Incident Report May 30, 2020

I was assaulted by my husband, with injuries requiring me to be hospitalized, while my two young children were sleeping in their rooms. The North Olmsted police found a marijuana grow operation, illegal at the time, in my husband’s basement. Local DEA agents were called to confiscate the equipment and drugs. While in the hospital I was told by a North Olmsted officer, who stayed with me, that my husband was in jail and a neighbor was watching my children. After the hospital released me, the officer took me home where I saw my husband sitting at the kitchen table laughing with the officers.…

Josiah Quarles testimony_1.mp4 Quarles acknowledges the difficult job of police officers and having had some good interactions with police. (0:35)

In one instance, he was let off with a warning after getting pulled over for an illegal U-turn. Then Quarles explains that he has had “multiple multiple multiple multiple experiences, more than I think most people could fathom in a lifetime, and a lot of them were not good.” (2:25)

Police drew guns on him three times. (2:40)
Quarles has never owned a gun or engaged in violence, but has been assualted, and even seeking aid for being assaulted, has been assaulted by police.…

forehead wound.jpg

I arrived at the Free Stamp, shortly after 2 pm, as the protest was gathering mass and beginning to…

We arrived right around 2pm at the free stamp. There were multiple groups of people with speakers. At one, a man yelled out “all lives matter.” It’s feels tense for a second, people chant “black lives matter” in return and things move along without issue. We check out another hub of speakers that we can’t hear very well and soon the march began. We marched to the main entrance of the justice center and weaved our way to the main organizers, who were conducting speeches. Some people nearby began pounding on the windows of the justice center. The BLM organizers urged them to stop, to not…

My name is Steven Thomas McCarthy III, I was in downtown Cleveland, Ohio on May 30th from about 1PM to about 6PM. I'm not sure what time, but the organized protest itself that I was a part of had moved from its original meeting point in the Free Stamp park to the front steps of the Justice Center. The police had the front steps surrounded, essentially forming a U shape that started on one side of the front doors, down the steps and across the bottom of the steps and then back up the steps on the other side to disallow people to be on the steps or near the doorways. I was standing East of the…


Man arrested in Luke Easter Park during Black Lives Matter Cleveland "Fuck Yo 4th Of July…


Shaker Heights Police Incident Report January 2, 2020


Shaker Heights Police Incident Report April 25 2019

May 30 Demonstration_Forsee.png

On Saturday, May 30th my partner and I attended a demonstration on the North side of the Justice…

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