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one side of PTS Palm Card publicizing the People's Tribunal on Police Brutality

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Other side of PTS Palm Card used to publicizing the PTPB

Decision to hold People's Tribunal.pdf

Internal memo at time of decision to hold a Tribunal

You Must Let Suffering Speak

A flyer saying why it is important to have testimony at the People's Tribunal on Police Brutality…

PTPB Press Release 4-15.pdf

Press release Announcing PTPB at CSU

Benefit Concert Flyer.pdf

Flyer featuring Mississippi Charles Bevel in Benefit Concert for the People's Tribunal on Police…

Consent form.pdf

Form used by PTS with people planning to testify via audio and video

Testimony Template.pdf

a template form given to help people prepare their testimony and give their information for the PTPB

shorter panelist bios2.pdf

Biographical sketches of the Panelists of the PTPB: Dr. Ed McKinney, Uncle Bobby Johnson, Rev. Leah…

00015-3.mp4 Genevieve Mitchell (more tribunals), Carol Steiner (support in court), Bill Swain (politicians), Ed Little, and Uncle Bobby respond. Rev. Pinckney-Butts comments. Alice Ragland introduces Alicia Kirkman, mother of Angelo Miller, who begins testimony.

Audio for this segment of the Tribunal is available on Soundcloud.

audio-2.mp3 Audio for this segment of the Tribunal is also available on Soundcloud.

audio-3.mp3 Audio for this segment of the Tribunal is available on Soundcloud.

00000.mp4 Moderator Alice Ragland Introduces the Tribunal. Video has gaps.

00008.mp4 Shemariah Arki, Uncle Bobby, and Ed Little introduce themselves.

00009-1.mp4 Bill Swain, Genevieve Mitchell, and moderator Alice Ragland introduce themselves.

00009-2.mp4 Moderator Alice Ragland completes her introduction. Rev. Pinkney Butts begins testimony with singing.

00009-3.mp4 Rev. Pinkney Butts completes testimony of abuse. (October 2013. Washington DC. Richmond Heights Hospital.) Alice Ragland introduces Art McKoy (beaten, played dead, mace), and Alvin Brooks (Beaten in face, beaten, unclothed, marijuana, burnt).

00010-1.mp4 Alvin Brooks completes testimony (sodomy, excessive force, excessive charges, false charges). Alice Ragland introduces William Marshall (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., economics) and Doc Woods (Threats, Ferguson)


00010-2.mp4 Doc Woods (education) finishes testimony. Alice Ragland introduces Bernie Rolen, who testifies about her son Dan Ficker.


00010-3.mp4 Alice Ragland introduces Cory Kouns, who gives testimony (gangs, prison, religion, race, police intimidation), Alice Ragland calls on panel. Ed Little begins response (economics).