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00011-1.mp4 Ed Little continues response (economics, Anthony Sowell), Genevieve Mitchell begins response (economics, prison)

00011-2.mp4 Genevieve Mitchell continues response (prisons, economics), Bill Swain gives response (137 shots, Ferguson, revolution, New Jim Crow), Uncle Bobby begins response (New Jim Crow, court costs)

00011-3.mp4 Uncle Bobby continues response (economics), Rev. Leah Lewis gives response (apathy, economics, politicians, voting), Ed McKinney begins response (economics, history).

00012.mp4 Ed McKinney finishes response (DOJ, history), Shemariah Arki responds (education, youth), Genevieve Mitchell responds again (economics, divestment, boycott), Carol Steiner and Alice Ragland moderate.

00014-1.mp4 Kathy Wray Coleman gives testimony (Tanisha Anderson, 137 shots, Prosecutor Tim McGinty, Judge John O'Donnell, Mayor Frank Jackson recall, Racism, Activism)

00014-2.mp4 Alice Ragland introduces Marva Patterson, who gives testimony (Robert Starks III, Rebecca Whitby, excessive force, excessive punishment).

00015-2.mp4 Alice Ragland introduces Dwayne Castleberry, who gives testimony (racism, police brutality, excessive force, mental illness, police impunity).

00016-1.mp4 Alicia Kirkman, mother of Angelo Miller (continued). Comments from Genevieve Mitchell, Leah Lewis and Shemariah Arki.

00016-2.mp4 Clarence Jones, father of Brandon Jones, testifies.

00016-3.mp4 Carol Steiner, Uncle Bobby, and Leah Lewis respond to Clarence Jones' testimony. Brenda Bickerstaff, Private Investigator, testifies.

00017.mp4 Brenda Bickerstaff (continued), followed by testimony from Art Blakey.

PTPB Panel.jpg

Six Panelists for the People's Tribunal on Police Brutality at CSU

Summary of Tribunal to Mayor.pdf

Summary or PTPB delivered to Mayor Jackson during the April 14 demonstration/march

SummaryofTribunal 7-15-15.pdf

Summary of the Findings of the PTPB, which was sent in a packet to International Human Rights…


Statement on the importance of testifying about oppression as a form of resistance.