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Aaron Steele was killed by the Cleveland police on May 8, 2007.
"Aaron Steele, a young man, 23. He was up there at 82nd and Denison, between 81st and 82nd and Denison. The police came up on him as he was waiting for his girlfriend to come out from changing her clothes. They came up on him saying he had loud music. They pulled him out of the truck and claimed they saw a pistol in the back floor of the truck. An eyewitness I talked to said she couldn't believe what they did to him. They just kept firing bullets at him, firing bullets at Aaron. This case was one of three killings by the…


Memorial Portrait Poster of Daniel Ficker, killed by Cleveland police on July 4, 2011
"There was…

Tim and Malissa.pdf

Memorial Portrait Poster depicting Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell and the date of their murder…


After a series of police murders the Justice Dept. was called to Cleveland and in 2014 this…

Intro to Prison 12.0.jpg

Graphic about relative costs of prisons, housing, education

Prison by numbers.jpg

Breakdown of statistics about prisons

TPV Essay2.pdf

Essay sent to Puncture the Silence

PD editorial Ohio's prisons.pdf

Article in Cleveland Plain Dealer

Press-Kristof on Cuts in Mental Health-NYT-2014-02 001.jpg

NYT article by Nicholas Kristof decrying mental health cuts

2014-02-02 cpd.pdf

Column printed in Cleveland Plain Dealer


Digital version of the call for a protest put out by the Stop Mass Incarceration Network a few weeks…


A graphic calling for showing solidarity with Trayvon Martin, killed by George Zimmerman

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Stop Mass Incarceration National Vision Statement.pdf

The Stop Mass Incarceration Network's vision statement for a national movement


Resource List from West Coast Ally


photo of primitive posters at the first meeting of PTS in a living room in Cleveland Heights


one of the primitive posters from the founding meeting of PTS


one of the primitive posters at the founding meeting ofPTS


one of the primitive posters at the founding meeting of PTS


one of the primitive posters at the founding meeting of PTS

Dear Stop Mass Incarceration Network.pdf

Letters between Puncture the Silence (PTS) and Stop Mass Incarceration Network (SMIN)establishing an…

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The call put out by Puncture the Silence-Stop Mass Incarceration for an artist to design a logo for…