Browse all items Participant Kevin Brady (KB):   OK, I’m going go ahead and get started.  I noticed there is something going on with the police…within the year 2000. It’s like…they never bothered me while I was in my thirties or forties…it’s just until my late forties…it was something that was just going on…I used to live on the west side of Cleveland by metro hospital and it’s like the police were just getting worse and worse. I mean…there was one time I got at least three tickets in a period of less than four months and that’s very unusual because I lived in the neighborhood for eleven years without getting…

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Biographical sketches of the Panelists of the PTPB: Dr. Ed McKinney, Uncle Bobby Johnson, Rev. Leah…

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Six Panelists for the People's Tribunal on Police Brutality at CSU

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Speech given on the steps of City Hall during a rally