Unnamed Oral History Interview

Creator: Unnamed | Date: 2015-08-19
Collection: Righting the Record Oral History Project | Tags: ,

Interviewer:  OK.  So today is August 19, 2015.  And do you want your name recorded or not?

Interviewee:   No. And it’s just protocol and attitude adjustment and it’s just an adult’s job…adults do what they have to do especially when we talking about authorities and figure of speaking…and law making…its part of protocol. And it just needs some attitude adjustment around it.  Other than that, grown-ups can do what grown-ups can do.  They got weapons…the citizens and civilians don’t.  So they more in a position to take a person’s life before…preventive killing…

Interviewer: Have you had that experience where you have been threatened….by the police? Have you had an experience where you have felt harassed or…

Interviewee: Even if I did, it’s all through protocol so as long as they know how to behave through their attitude and don’t take on personal….things….that’s probably going on inside their head…mentally….along as they know to stick with the protocol and stay within the occupation, it’ll change.  But anything outside of that is personal. And personal things get dealt with eventually…by the grace of.  

~ Unnamed, “Unnamed Oral History Interview,” A People's Archive of Police Violence in Cleveland, accessed February 25, 2024, https://archivingpoliceviolence.org/items/show/40.
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