Poster Remembering Adolph Boyd, Jr.

Creator: Revolutionary Communist Party, USA | Date: 1997-04-14
Collection: Protest Posters of People Killed by Police | Tags: ,
Memorial Portrait Poster of Adolph Boyd, Jr., killed by Cleveland policeon April 14, 1997
"Adolf Boyd had just gotten out of prison and got a job at Wendy's on Buckeye. It's up there around 126th at Buckeye and he was actually walking to work. And they stopped him and killed him. And they never gave a reason, not really. But Adolf Boyd, his family fought back some. Yeah, just another black man isn't worth shit in this society."--Bill Swain
~ Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, “Poster Remembering Adolph Boyd, Jr.,” A People's Archive of Police Violence in Cleveland, accessed December 6, 2019,
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