Poster Remembering James Harris

Creator: Revolutionary Communist Party, USA | Date: 1998-08-15
Collection: Protest Posters of People Killed by Police | Tags: ,
Memorial Portrait Poster of James Harris, killed by Cleveland Metropolitan Housing Authority police on August 15, 1998
"Actually I think he was, well he was killed in the Outhwaite projects by the CMHA police. He was a guy that loves his music and he would just listen a lot. He was about 51. Everybody thought, you know, he was a laid-back guy. I don't know how or why they would kill him. What happened is his wife or partner called the police because it was getting a little out of hand and they were having a dispute. So she called them up. They came, told her to get out of the way and killed him. It was horrible. He was doing nothing. They had a little dispute, a little beef. They killed him. Very tragic."--Bill Swain
~ Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, “Poster Remembering James Harris,” A People's Archive of Police Violence in Cleveland, accessed December 6, 2019,
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