Unnamed Oral History Interview

Creator: Unnamed | Date: 2015-08-19
Collection: Righting the Record Oral History Project | Tags: ,
Interviewee: [Indistinct. Fades into interview] ...Watching the news and all that stuff and I’m [indistinct]. You know I’ve been watching the news and I ain’t really comfortable with it. You know how, you know, I mean, to me, honestly I’ve been around a long time so my thing is all these [indistinct] police as a legal gang. Honestly. I mean, I don’t know nobody else’s pay, but that’s my view: a legal gang. ‘cause they get away with a lot of stuff and they’ve been doing it for years. And ain’t nobody really gettin’ on nobody until, you know, really got it on the news and everybody got to be paying attention. That’s when everybody [indistinct, truck driving by], and they’ve been doing it [indistinct, truck driving by] and telling everybody about it. [Indistinct] ‘cause it wasn’t being on the news. Every now and then it would be on the news. But now it’s on the news. Now that [indistinct] they figure now it’s a problem. Now they’re gonna do something about it. [Indistinct]. That’s my view.
~ Unnamed, “Unnamed Oral History Interview,” A People's Archive of Police Violence in Cleveland, accessed December 5, 2023, https://archivingpoliceviolence.org/items/show/47.
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