Unnamed Oral History Interview

Creator: Unnamed | Date: 2015-08-19
Collection: Righting the Record Oral History Project | Tags: ,

I’m sorry, do you mind if… okay.

Okay. These little boys, they was about, uh, this tall, they was about thirteen, fourteen, and fifteen. And two of them had guns. They had just robbed a man on 131st. So they came in front of my house. Little bitch boy next door, he’s a little bitch boy, and they come over to hang out at his house, make him go get Kool-Aid, and he’s a little bitch. So they take his, they took his phone, and his mother – he’s his mother’s prince. She kisses his ass. She think he pisses ginger ale. So – I’m telling you what it is. Don’t get… you shouldn’t have picked the right mother. Listen to me. So this little sucker, he goes out. And the little boy in the front, I seen the gun he got. And uh, my dogs come out. He say – the one in the black, he’s the leader. Little motherfucker about 90 pounds. I’m looking at him. I used to snap, I used to crush motherfuckers like that in ‘Nam. And he just smile and he be like [makes snorting noise]. And he say to me like, “Them your dogs?” So I looked at him. “Do they bite?” I said, “They got teeth, little motherfucker.” [laughter] “And we got guns.” I said, “They didn’t start making them when your little bitch stole that out of somebody’s house, little ho.” And I said, “You got some bullshit. Let me show you what bananas look like and I ain’t talking about no fruit. Let me show you what 45 rifles look like, little girl.” And I said – number one, I call my lawyer, he say we have the council law. I say “Thank you, sir.” He say, “Call the police right now, let them know so you can go out there and zap his ass.” I said, “My lawyer just told me call the police, and I’m a zap your little bitch ass once I let them know I got a problem with you.” Get on the phone, I call the police, two police come up. Now, mind you, I got a lady, people working in my house. I got a guy redoing my bathroom, I got a lady doing my door. The blue-eyed blond, he comes up my driveway – listen to me – I’m looking at this bitch, he don’t even think. Now the other guy, he’s a nice look, brunet guy, he’s calm, he’s coming like a police. This other guy, he… and then at the door he [makes clicking noise]. I said, “Sir, don’t you see a paintbrush in her hand?” “What’s the problem?” I said, “Sir, I’m the one called you.” You understand what I’m saying. I called – “What’s your problem? I asked you what’s your…” I said, “That’s the reason” – I talked to him – “That’s the reason that I trust you just a little. But I don’t trust him.” I said, “I have fear of him.” He said, “I’ve talked to you about that.” And I said, “Sir, you’ve got to do something about him. I want to talk to you.” He said, “You can’t, sir.” I’m a vet – “Thank you for serving in the country” “I’m a Vietnam vet, this is what I gotta go through?” “Oh no, sir, I apologize.” Here go Blue Eyes. He still standing like that. And I said, “Sir, can’t you see she’s painting the door?” “Well I’m just [makes sputtering sounds] ah, I see it.” And then it’s all, he say, “Hey ma’am” and he move over there. This is what I went through the other day. And I called them to take care of these heathens in front of my house. And then that, then they – this had happened quite a few times over the winter. You call them to come and do what they’re supposed to do and then you wind up being the victim. They wanna shoot you, knock you and all that. Look at that little girl. She had a little problem, next thing you know, she’s dead. Three little girls, they got killed calling the police to help them out. Why we want to call the police? You ain’t helping us, you motherfuckers killing us. So I don’t know – that showed me right then. I told them, I said, “You ain’t gotta worry about me calling you people again. I’ma take care of shit myself. And that’s the way it is. So what did I do? I got an order blank and order me one case of [inaudible] bullets. So now I got a whole case, so I want to make sure I got enough to please all of them – the motherfuckers ain’t gonna come at you one at a time. I wanna make sure I got enough so I can take all they motherfucker down.

                And just so we can get it on record, is it okay if we use your interview?

Yeah. Throw it across the world, because people need to know what’s going on in this tight ass country Cleveland, Ohio. We don’t trust them… Look, the mayor stopped them 12 years ago from wearing them swastika buckles on they belts. Believe that. So, did you know about that? Check it, check the record. He had – Mayor White had to step on them hos and tell them, the black man to tell them, “You ain’t come down here no more with them swastikas on your shirt and your damn belt buckle.” What they doing with them damn German swastikas on they shit? We just got rid of that shit. Not talk about that. Ain’t nobody mention that? Check my records, you’ll find out. When did they have special white police walking around with that shit on? And the black police was complaining about it. And then they tried to crush the Black Shield because the Black Shield was getting on their asses. And they was fucking all these, screwing all these little brothers around. That’s the reason the Black Shield stepped up on them Nazi motherfuckers. And that’s the truth.

                Thank you.

Check my record.

                I will, sir.

Really walking around with that shit on they ties. And you’re supposed to be protecting me? That showed me you ain’t representing me.

                That’s true.

I got the wrong paint job ‘round this bitch. You hear what I said.

                Thank you, sir.

Hey [inaudible], these are corrective lenses. These aren’t blindfolds. I see very well with these bitches. You hear what I said.

                I heard you.

~ Unnamed, “Unnamed Oral History Interview,” A People's Archive of Police Violence in Cleveland, accessed October 1, 2023, https://archivingpoliceviolence.org/items/show/50.
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